Kukira Kau Rumah

Kukira Kau Rumah











Pram is a lonely young man, who hasn’t received any love from his parents. He filled his void by composing good songs that no one listens to. One day, Pram who works in a music cafe, for him to able to get a gig, meets and gets acquainted with Niskala, someone who is different from other women Niskala also really heard him, but Pram didn’t know that Niskala is a PWB (People with Bipolar). However, since Pram became close to Niskala, Niskala broke all the rules she made with Mela, her mother. Everything felt right until the moment when Pram saw Niskala was given a sedative by her mother and friends, and Pram also found out that all this time, Niskala had been secretly carrying out her social activities and achieving her goals behind her protective father’s back.
  • 高清通道

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